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Why did Cruz spend a half-hour defending his Iowa actions in South Carolina?

Here is Ted Cruz , ever the lawyer talking like he’s prosecuting a case – and proud of it – holding a Press Conference today where he tried to defend himself against an avalanche of attacks by both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio as to his actions and statements during the Campaign. He tried to claim he did nothing wrong in Iowa regarding Ben Carson even though it is clear his campaign spread the false rumor that Carson was dropping out of the race in order to get Carson supporters to switch to him during the Iowa Caucuses.

Cruz spending a half-hour three days before the South Carolina Primary to defend himself against one accusation of dirty-tricks after another shows he knows this is taking a toll on his Campaign. He wouldn’t be playing defense if it wasn’t hurting his numbers. He goes after Rubio as much as he goes after Trump.

Does this make sense to you? Rubio blamed it on CNN and didn’t fire anyone so clearly he didn’t believe his campaign was at fault but he continues to defend himself. Do you think it’s too much?

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h/t – YouTube

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