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Cruz strategy to call out Kasich publicly won’t work; it will only embolden him

What Sen. Ted Cruz won’t tell you is this — A brokered convention is just as bad for Cruz as it is for Donald Trump. Cruz’s only chance is to get 1,237 himself, and that only happens if it’s a one on one race. It’s bad odds for Cruz but it’s better for him than no odds at all.

“I think any candidate, if you don’t have a clear path to winning, it doesn’t make sense to stay in the race. And I would note, every day John Kasich stays in the race benefits Donald Trump,” Cruz said on CNN this morning.

Cruz has almost no realistic chance to reach the magic number so calling out Gov. John Kasich in our opinion right now is a losing strategy. There are still a lot of states with proportional allocation, and even without Kasich, I’m not sure that he could win all of the winner-takes-all states.

Cruz’s advice is that anyone without a clear path to winning should drop out. I suspect he doesn’t think that advice applies to himself. If there is anything we know from watching the Ohio governor, the more you rattle his cage, the more he digs in.

Sorry Senator this won’t work to keep calling him out, it only emboldens him to remain defiant. I guess this is why we don’t win elections; our guys don’t know how to fight.

What do you think of Cruz strategy? Is it sound? Share with us your analysis and give us your breakdown in the comment section below.


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