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DUPREE: Cruz teams up with Kasich in last ditch effort to sideline Trump; wow what desperation!

They will never learn.

Last night, Gov. John Kasich’s seemingly teamed up with Sen. Ted Cruz to stop GOP front-runner Donald Trump in a complete sign of desperation by both camps.

What do they think this will do? If Cruz and Kasich do manage to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates needed to get the nomination, do they think either of them will be the nominee instead?

If by some miracle the RNC did nominate one of them instead of Trump, what about all of Trumps supporters? Does anyone expect us to automatically support Cruz or Kasich after what they’re not only doing but openly admitting to doing?

While we hate Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton passionately, watching the dirty, underhanded tactics being used by Cruz and Kasich isn’t exactly inspiring good will toward them, nor is it going to be doing them any favors when it comes time for us to show up at the polls and vote for the next President.

Here’s an additional response from the Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe:

“Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be a sure disaster for Republicans.” Trump has long asserted party loyalty as long as he was treated fairly by the party — he signed a “GOP loyalty pledge” at one point, a non-binding agreement indicating his intention to support the eventual rightful nominee. He has, at times, left the door open for third party talk, warning, “They’re gonna have a big problem,” if an opposition effort is mounted. In March, Trump said of his campaign, “If people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. If they don’t want to be smart, they should do what they’re going now and the Republicans are going to go down to a massive loss.”

What’s really stupid about Roe’s piece is that Cruz and Kasich also raised their hand during that first debate on supporting the GOP nominee and when they saw they had no chance they took back their pledge also.


How do you trust two people like Cruz and Kasich to be president when they have to lie and cheat like this to force another to lose… they are desperate to keep career politicians holding onto their gravy trains and their power over us… our career politicians have FAILED us … that’s why Trump is running and why people want him… they are fed up with the corruption and lawlessness of our politicians.

Trump is not perfect.. but neither are Cruz and Kasich and anyone else.. but Mr. Trump loves this country and like most of us, are fed up with the corruption in our government and wants to make a change to make things better for the country and the citizens. It’s time we have someone in office who will stand up FOR the citizens and not against us…

This kind of attacking and cheating is appalling and makes me want Trump all the more.

GOP 2016 Debate

I look at the mess this country is in and ask myself “What have the career politicians done for us?” NOTHING. Our nation is overrun with illegal aliens and US citizens foot the bill. Our jobs are leaving the country, millions of Americans are without jobs, millions more on welfare and/or food stamps, our healthcare is a mess with skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, our borders are wide open for anyone to walk in (including terrorists), criminal illegal aliens roaming our streets, our vets living on the streets uncared for, unvetted refugees bring brought in placing the citizens at risk of attacks, political correctness killing the country, etc…

How does anyone trust a career politician anymore? They do not represent us citizens, they do not listen to our concerns. The idea of having a successful business man at the helm is not new, grassroots patriots have been saying this for years. We need someone who will clean up our economy and who will put the right people in place to do the job and our career politicians are only concerned out themselves and their pockets.

A vote for Hillary would be signing this country’s death warrant.. she will drive the final nail in the country’s coffin… our government is shoving us deeper into the dark cesspool they created .. a cesspool contaminated with illegal aliens, no values, no morals, lawless corruption…

Mr Trump for President 2016

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