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Cruz tried to slam media before losing all the states on Tuesday night

Well, Mr. Cruz, if you would accept the voter’s wishes the race has been over for you and Kasich.

Donald Trump is expected to have a good night. Donald Trump is likely to win some states and the media is gonna have heart palpitations this evening. They’re going to be oh so very excited at Donald Trump’s victories. And the media’s gonna say the race is over. It. The media is going to say Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Now if you find yourself wondering why the media is so eager to have Donald as the Republican nominee, you don’t have to look any further than today’s USAToday’s front page.

Does Ted have any numbers to back up his claim that it’s not over? All the reports I’ve read that say it is have done the math. Would love to hear anything Cruz can say to back that up… Otherwise, it looks like it’s over for Cruz.

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