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Cruz: “Trump is the Kim Kardashian presidential candidate”

One day, America will find out who the real Sen. Ted Cruz is but until that day, doesn’t it seem as if he is a hodge-podge of former candidates and TV movie personalities all rolled into one?

Cruz can’t help himself these days in going after Donald Trump personally even though he tells his audiences he doesn’t go after Trump personally. First, it’s a sniveling coward, then stupidly associating Trump with sex with a rodent, we still haven’t figured that out.

From Daily Caller:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday that there’s “no doubt that Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian presidential candidate.”

“He sits on Twitter and makes a lot of noise but he has no solutions to fixing the problem,” Cruz said on the John and Ken Show.

The remarks came in response to a comment from a radio host about Trump’s success in increasing ratings of TV networks. The Texas senator went on to say Trump’s success is due to media executives wanting him to be the nominee.

You know how Cruz probably got the “green light” to use the Kardashian name-calling after his surrogate partner Carly Fiorina used it during her campaign stint. Sen. Rand Paul has stated Cruz stole his foreign policy while many voters compare a lot of Cruz speeches now have hints of Trump’s earlier pointers.

Let’s not forget Cruz now surrounds himself with neocons from the Bush Administration the ones that used to fake Intel to get us into the Iraq War and caused all these problems we have now. And he’s now he’s been endorsed by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham, the party establishment elites.

Who is the real Ted Cruz? Would someone point him out?

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