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Cruz wins Kansas and Maine caucuses!

Sen. Ted Cruz winning in Kansas no surprise. It is not a primary state and that makes it tougher on Donald Trump because he has a smaller crew on the ground in these non-primary states. He made a strong effort to compete in Iowa and it was close.

But his effort in Kansas wasn’t that strong and the caucus strongly favors Cruz who has many working for him in these caucus states. Kentucky will give a clearer picture if there is a significant change in sentiment.

From The Hill:

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has won Maine’s GOP primary, according to the state party.

Cruz took 45 percent of the vote and was followed by Donald Trump, then John Kasich in third and Marco Rubio in fourth.

The victory was Cruz’s second of Super Saturday, coming after the Texas senator claimed Kansas in another runaway win over front-runner Donald Trump, who had the endorsement of Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

Maine GOP chairman Rick Bennett said at a press conference that Cruz will take 12 of the states delegates; Trump wins nine and Kasich wins two. Because Rubio failed to reach 10 percent of the vote, he does not win any delegates.

So do you think Cruz now has a chance to win a few state primaries going forward? Share your comments below and let us know what you think

h/t – The Hill

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