The Culture of Intolerance from the Left

DanaCPACIt is probably very apropos that my first #TeamNinja post is one in the War On Women category regarding the culture of intolerance of the left and about one of my personal heros. One of the people I admire the most in the conservative movement, is Dana Loesch. When I attended my first CPAC last year, what I wanted most of all, was to meet her and get a picture with her. Fortunately, I got that opportunity at BlogBash.

Dana has been a voice for so many, so I was deeply disturbed when I saw this post from her husband, Chris Loesch on Facebook yesterday, where he said the following:

The lunatic fringe of the “Moms Demand Action” anti-gun front are attacking Dana & trying to get her pulled from appearing on The View this Monday. Don’t let them win.

This concerns me for many reasons. Obviously, I fully admit my bias in that Dana Loesch is someone I admire and respect a great deal. But what I find most disturbing is this consistent and pervasive pattern, this culture of intolerance from the left. The hypocrisy is appalling and I for one, will call it out as often and as loudly as I possibly can.

As Chris Loesch indicated in a tweet featured in this article on The Blaze, Dana has been a voice for millions of moms.


If you follow her on social media as I do, you frequently see pictures on her Instagram account of her children and often times, she talks about homeschooling her children, the awesome trips that they take, and how very proud she is of her family. Despite her busy media schedule, she is a consistent and active presence in her children’s lives. She is a fantastic wife and mother. In fact, yesterday, when all this began, she was spending the day with her family.

I’ve been away from my computer all day spending time with my family and when I check in online I see the Moms Demand group waging a bully campaign against me. Apparently because I believe in firearm education and 2A I’m “paid by the NRA” and “incite hate.” Who knew!

DanaArmorI wonder if those launching this crusade of criticism and hypocrisy have ever read Dana’s insightful pieces on RedState, her website, or her radio show blog? Have they ever listened to her radio show or watched her show on The Blaze? Or do they just ascribe to the bias of Media Matters, who calls Loesch a “conservative demagogue” and credits her for “gaining notoriety for her inflammatory rhetoric.”

Apparently, for Media Matters, point out the truth of the blatant failure of this current administration, making people aware of the liberty infringing assaults on the second amendment and sounding the alarm about the media bias that they themselves perpetuate, that is “inflammatory rhetoric.”

As we saw recently with the #MyBiracialRightWingFamily hashtag, social media campaigns can have tremendous impacts. I would encourage you to visit The View on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and let them know you too stand with Dana.

Make sure the #IStandWithDana hashtag spreads like wildfire and we let folks know that not only do we respect Dana as a conservative commentator and activist, but we respect her for her family values and strength of character.

Finally friends, I leave you with this Scripture that Dana just posted on Instagram, and also encourage you to put on the Armor of God daily.


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