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Culture War

America needs a wakeup call. A loud one. We have reached a point where too many young Americans care more about who wins Dancing With the Stars than if they find employment or not. They are far too interested in protesting capitalism with their iPhones and Starbucks lattes in hand, Snap chatting their dinner, and finding out what Barack Obama and Jay-Z text each other than they are with Benghazi and ISIS. They would rather avoid any political discussion whatsoever, so they can be sure to catch their recorded episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Too many prefer to stand in a Planned Parenthood waiting room than a job application line. Besides, they have too many duck face pictures to Instagram. We have our issues America. That we most certainly do.

We hear from many politicians throughout the years that they want to help change America for the better, but we are usually left with only broken promises. Why is this? Why do they sound so promising as they campaign, yet always seem to fall short once elected? Barack Obama certainly comes to mind, but there are many others who fit this. Do they give into special interest groups right away and care more about their re-election chances than they do about fixing our real problems? I will tell you one thing; they certainly have been avoiding the root cause. It’s the culture! We have kicked the can so far down the road that we have not only lost sight of it, but we don’t even care it’s gone. That is the problem. This has to change.

I hear far too often, from those who are not that concerned with where we have come as a society, that we are doing okay. They say that all generations complain about the youth, and what they’re into and things will just continue in cycles. I agree partially. Yes, all generations complain about their children being different from them, but you have to be either incredibly naive, or just plain ignorant, if you cannot see how much we have changed. Society has taught our children that it is perfectly normal to put off debt or to borrow endlessly for anything they choose. They are taught they can have anything they want regardless if they are able to pay for it or not. They are told the government is there to ensure they are taken care of. Just fill out a form and the government will send you a check. They are told they are entitled to the money. They are entitled to “free” healthcare. Our children are taught this at a very young age and have this mindset as they continue to grow into adults. This is a major problem, America.

0204-debt-limit-spending-cuts_full_600We are at war with culture itself because our children are being indoctrinated in the government school systems. This is where it begins. Common Core is just another liberal con meant to use our tax dollars to brainwash our children. Common Core must be stopped. Children are generally taught from a very liberal perspective throughout their entire school lives. It is only natural that they absorb this information and use it. It is not our children’s fault, but it is the system. The system is designed to work exactly the way it has been for years. Those years have caught up with us. We have to change the system. We have to change the culture. We have to change the way we teach, so that we can truly help change our ways.

Our debt is not something to take lightly either, but too many Americans are taught that we will just take care of it later. Guess what? Later has come. The time is now! We can barely see the can at this point. We need leaders who actually care about fixing our real problems. We need them to start with addressing these issues now rather than in their next term.

America is facing some serious issues. We are constantly told by those in Washington that they have our backs. They have our best interests at heart. They make too many promises they can’t keep and play too many political games with our money. This has gone on far too long now and we are simply fed up! We need leaders who will tackle this cultural war head-on and not be afraid of liberal backlash. We need those who will not be afraid to challenge the status quo. We need leaders who want to promote traditional values and advance liberty. We need people willing to stand up for the unborn and to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. We need those who will put God and principles over power and parties. We need leaders who are not afraid of upsetting the establishment political class. We need leaders to challenge the people who try to ridicule them for wanting these things.

America needs a lot of work. We didn’t reach almost $18 Trillion in debt from Democrats alone. We didn’t reach that from Republicans alone. Both parties are to blame for this, but it is our culture that has absorbed this mentality that makes it seem okay. It will take a true patriot to take a stand and work on our education system. School choice should be a main priority to start with. Whitney Neal, Marketing Director for The Bill of Rights Institute, wrote a great article on School Choice you should check out. “We the taxpayers are funding a fundamentally broken education system, so it only makes sense that we have a say with how our children are taught.”

Our culture has changed dramatically over the years. No longer do you see the majority care about work ethics and morals. Now, they focus on welfare checks and American Idol contestants. I firmly believe that the majority actually want to be independent and successful. It is just so much easier today to remain dependent and expect others to do what they choose not to. Sadly, this is the attitude of a large portion of our generation.

Young kids today have no idea how the national debt affects them, nor do they care. Too many are taught how to properly complete a food stamp form instead of a resume. They care more about reality shows and just being popular than they do about seeking a job. They feel it is perfectly normal to disrespect their parents or an employer, while taking zero responsibility for their own actions. Our society has taught them these things. It has taught them to be a collectivist instead of an individualist. It’s taught them to be dependent instead of independent. It’s taught them to value redistribution over hard work. This has to change America. Our culture has to change. We need strong leaders to help with this change. Less Barack Obama. More Ted Cruz. Less Harry Reid. More Mike Lee. Less Nancy Pelosi. More Trey Gowdy.

We are at war with ourselves. It’s about the culture America. We have work to do.

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