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Daily Beast leashes race-baiting Sally Kohn to discredit Ivana Trump denial of being raped

The Daily Beast broke a story on Monday stating GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump had “raped” his wife. The story was written by Tim Mak and Brandy Zadrozny.

This morning, Ivana Trump responded to the Daily Beast assertion and claimed “there was no merit” to their story which sent the originators of the story into a tailspin.

Sally Kohn, a writer with the Daily Beast, joined Wolf Blitzer on CNN and basically called Ivana Trump a liar for turning around her story as you will see in the video below.

Kohn questioned Ivana Trump’s credibility, saying she is under court order not to discuss the event in question. Kohn also made clear that this was “rape-rape.”

I think it is more like you BETTER be skeptical, because simply admitting that CNN has yet again been exposed as a gossip rag that repeats un-vetted stories just cuts too close to being an real news story. ET is a more reliable source for news than CNN. And all this in the immediate wake of the UVA slandering. Idiot libs.

Watch the exchange in this video:

Kohn is vicious and really is short of brains and I hope either Donald or Ivana call her out on this or maybe they should leave her alone. What would you do? Share your thoughts below in our comment section and add this to your twitter/Facebook timeline.

H/T – Real Clear Politics Video

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