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Dallas Morning News Endorses Gov. Mitt Romney for President – New Narrative Rising

The reason why I am very pleased with this is because they get it. People usually come around at the end when they see time dwindling down. I am happy with this endorsement and I know that there will be so many more for Obama but I like the way the DMN worded theirs.

The Dallas Morning News has offered their endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney for President.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Barack Obama will forever be a historic, as well as historical, figure in American life. The 44th U.S. president, yes, but more noteworthy, he will forever be the first African-American to lead a nation riven through centuries by racial and ethnic division. His election in November 2008 inspired. Even those who may not have supported him could not deny the significance. . . .

. . . . On the central issue that will define his presidency — a stalled U.S. economy weighed down by crushing annual deficits and accumulated debt — Obama showed himself to be less leader than follower. While he expended his political capital on new government programs, unemployment stayed at debilitating heights.

For that reason, this newspaper recommends Republican challenger Mitt Romney for president. . . . Read More

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