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DAMN SELFIES! Police Looking for NC Woman Accused of Fraud; Identified by Sexy Facebook Photos

Police are currently on the lookout for a woman accused of fraud after they identified her by matching up her account name with sexy Facebook selfies.

Tanya Monique Peel, 26, of Raleigh, North Carolina, reportedly transferred $123,000 from a stranger’s Charles Schwab account into her JPMorgan Chase Bank account in Atlanta last December.

Peel used her real name on the account and when police found the name on Facebook, her selfies matched the woman in the surveillance videos.

“I think she is with a group of professionals,” Atlanta Police Detective Ken Stapler told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There is no way she did this by herself.”

The investigation began when 45-year-old Atlanta resident Terance Fowler reported the money was stolen from his account, which was obtained after Peel and fellow suspects got a hold of his identifying information and his cellphone number. They knew that Charles Schwab called account holders after transfers were made from their accounts. The bank refunded Fowler’s stolen sum.


The team then had all of Fowler’s calls forwarded to an untraceable number so that when they transferred the cash, Charles Schwab representatives called his cell but ended up speaking to one of the thieves. They pretended to be him and gave authorization for the transfers.

The group was able to transfer $123,000 into Peel’s business account, and another $51,000 into a Wells Fargo account in California. Investigators say Peel withdrew all the money shortly after it was deposited.

h/t AJC

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