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“Dandy” Don Lemon Tells Black America – You’re Lives Are Getting Better Because Of Obama

I’ve heard the word token before, step and fetch, slave, the indentured servant and all of them having to do with performing some act for and overseer or plantation master but this one takes the cake.

CNN’s Don Lemon, in an attempt to use his news organization’s TV platform to publicly push back against the GOP Republican nominee, he showed America just how low the liberal left media could get when things are getting away from them.

Black America is not getting better. Real unemployment is in the double-digits, not the adjusted numbers you hear on TV. How many times has Obama been to a NAACP function when he was asked to speak in the last seven years? What policies have Obama given the black community to help free them from the dependency pockets created by Democratic laws? How has Obama helped the black farmer?

Lemon is talking Obama up because he still has a job, but here’s a secret he doesn’t know, many blacks are struggling and have been over the past seven years, and I am one. I didn’t vote for Obama either time because that wasn’t my thing but I do know a charlatan when I see one and Lemon are sure one.

Lemon is pushing lies before the presidential debate on purpose, to help Hillary and that’s no lie.

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