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Dark complexioned couple shamefully beats up victim while mainstream media turns it’s head

Why do I show these things? I have championed the liberal left when I was blind to the facts and now I know better I can call out both sides of the problem.

Oh, why did I use “dark-complexioned?” Because the stupid mainstream media has decided to create a new color code for describing black people.

I used to think it was just the white man trying to kill black people and keep us from trying to excel, but that’s not the case. The media is running a game on America, and they won’t show the hatred a growing number of black people, now mostly associated with #BlackLivesMatter, have on white people.

But doesn’t it seem as if the constant variable in these tragic incidents is the media failing to do its job?

I am not trying to get any fame or approval by white people by telling the truth…facts can be stubborn and cold.

This situation in the video below is one I promise you won’t see on CNN or MSNBC. You won’t see Sally Kohn or Rachel Maddow covering this. They will turn their heads as the young lady gets beat up, however.

This report is delivered by Fox6:

A confrontation outside a Milwaukee gas station turns violent and the disturbing video has surfaced online. The incident happened last week outside of a north side gas station. One community activist says it is important to see the reality in some parts of Milwaukee and make sure there is change.

Near Locust and Teutonia, a woman is punched and kicked by two people while others stand around filming the whole thing. The incident happened last Tuesday, August 18th [2015]. The victim has not come forward and the attackers have not been identified.

Milwaukee police say they are aware of the video but no official reports have been made. It is unclear the condition of the woman but the video shows she was able to get up after the beating.

You have to keep calling out the media or they will get away with this one side blaming game they are implementing! It’s not fair and it’s not right. It’s happening all over and you have to speak up or it will get worse.

H/T – Fox6Wellfedamerican YouTube Channel



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