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David Jolly wins special election

A special election to fill Florida’s 13th Congressional district delivers a stunning defeat for democrats. David Jolly narrowly won victory over Alex Sink. With nearly 100% of the vote counted, Jolly had 48.5% to Sink’s 46.7

jollyMany see this as a bellwether for republican hopes in the mid terms. In any event, this race was close. Polling on this race for weeks gave Alex Sink the edge and only recently has this race been called a toss up. The district leans democrat even though the now deceased Bill Young was republican who held the seat for forty years. Jolly hammered Sink on the Obamacare issue while Sink said Jolly would move Florida backwards and called him an extremist. Laughable because Jolly is anything but. David jolly is a Washington insider and lobbyist.

The last poll before the election I saw gave Sink a 7 point lead. So what happened?  Did Sink sink her own campaign with her “we need immigrants to fold hotel sheets and tend to the landscaping” statement? Was it obamacare? I think it is important for the GOP to find the answer to this question. The democratic machine pumped millions into this race and outspent Jolly 3 to 1. Outside groups helped make up Jolly’s shortfall.

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