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DC Metro Card Not To Feature Trump Because Artwork Not Approved By Campaign

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I am ashamed of the treatment afforded this president-elect. It is the worst of my lifetime.

According to the Washington Post, the Trump Campaign never approved the artwork that was submitted for approval. I have reached out to the campaign for more information but had not received anything at the release of this article.

My message to liberals, keep disrespecting the silent majority and our new president. More and more Americans are watching you and see exactly what you are about. When 2018 and 2020 roll around, more people will separate themselves from you because they might feel you are a  bunch of disturbed, ill-informed scum bags.

From Fox News:

Prior to the 2012 presidential election, the Washington, D.C., Metro system began preparing special commemorative “SmartTrip” cards for Inauguration Day featuring both major candidates.

President Obama would go on to win reelection that year, but the Metro also designed a fancy Mitt Romney-themed SmartTrip card for the special occasion, just in case.

It looks like the D.C. Metro has gone to considerably less effort to prepare for Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

At this point, I am giving Metro the benefit of the doubt until I hear back from the campaign to change this story. I understand they are very busy but before I jump on liberals, I need to now I am doing it from a position of strength.

Just to remind everyone, he’s still everybody’s President. Like it or not. The media is just jealous they couldn’t stop the Trump Train. WE THE PEOPLE spoke loud and clear, this is not a socialist country!

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