Dead Men Tell No Tales

Friday, July 18, marked a very dubious anniversary. An anniversary that is most certainly not talked about, especially by the mainstream media. It is not talked about by anyone under the age of 30, mainly because they know nothing about it. July 18 was the 45th anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. She was killed when the car she was riding in, driven by late Massachusetts Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, went off a bridge into a channel on the island of Chappaquiddick. The common belief is that she drowned in the submerged car. But there is much more to the story that has either been pushed under the rug by the democratic party, or the Kennedy family, all with the help of their willing media accomplices.

Some may ask, why dredge this up now? Sen. Kennedy has been dead for fives years. Why pile on? The point is not to pile on. It is to take a rather unpleasant look at what is important to Liberals. Sometimes at other’s expense.

Mary Jo KopechneThe basic facts, listed in a series of tweets recently by “@drawandstrike” appeared on, and are truly chilling. They go something like this: Kennedy and Kopechne attend a party for former Robert Kennedy campaign volunteers. The pair leave the party around 11:15. No one knows where they are for the next hour. Kennedy is not familiar with Chappaquiddick roads and thinks he is on  Ferry Road, but he is really on Dike Road. It has a wooden bridge with no guard rail. Kennedy drives off the bridge and into the channel. The car flips over and lands on its roof. Kennedy manages to escape the car, but for approximately the next nine to ten hours, the accident goes unreported. It goes unreported because Ted Kennedy is busy trying to come up with a story that will explain why he is in a car with a woman who is not his wife, drunk, late at night, and driving on a suspended license. He is also trying to establish an alibi. He swims the 300 feet across the channel back to Edgartown and his hotel room. He changes clothes. At 2:30am, he asks a hotel employee for the time. At 2:55am, he complains to the hotel owner about a loud party. At some point, Kennedy and two other male party guests go back to the scene of the accident and attempt to rescue Mary Jo Kopechne. They are unsuccessful.

The next morning, Kennedy is seen chatting with friends as if nothing is amiss. The two men he is with the night before angrily tell Kennedy to report the accident. He agrees to appear to do so. The men leave him going into a phone booth, but the phone calls Kennedy makes are not to authorities, but to friends asking for advice. Again, he’s to save his own skin. It is near the phone booth that he learns that Mary Jo Kopechne’s body has been found.

When Kennedy finally reports to the Edgartown Police Department to turn himself in, he weaves together a string of whoppers that are second to none. He claims he was in shock after the accident, but managed to walk back to the party where he was taken to the hotel. He fell asleep and says he remembers nothing until the next morning.

John Farrar, the diver who discovers Kopechne’s body, testifies at an inquest into the accident that Kopechne did not die as a result of the crash or drowning, but as a result of suffocation. When the car landed on its roof, there was an air pocket near the rear window. Farrar estimated that Kopechne was alive for roughly two hours after the car plunged into the water. Until the air ran out.

The Judge at the inquest failed to file a charge of manslaughter. There were also no charges brought by the District Attorney. As we have always suspected, it is good to be a Kennedy.

Mary Jo Kopechne could easily be considered the first casualty in the Democrats “war on women”. She appears to have been no more than collateral damage, spent to save the questionable reputation of a rich, well connected U.S. Senator. Had she survived, what events occurred leading up to the accident would she have testified to? We will never know. What we do know is that Mary Jo Kopechne could have very well given her life so that future generations would know without a doubt, that what Liberals really want is a system for themselves and a system for everybody else.

Fourty-five years later, we now also know that Liberal double standards can be hazardous to your health.

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