Dear Birthers, Ted Cruz Is Eligible And A Natural Born Citizen! #CruzCrew

The most recent attack Ted Cruz is facing from his critics are the absurd birther claims. Because he was born in Canada, birthers say he is not eligible for the presidency.

However, I’d beg to differ. Many constitutional scholars have long believed that having at least one American parent is good enough for one to be a “natural born citizen.” In this case, Ted Cruz’s mother was born in Delaware, making him eligible.

donaldBirther claims against Cruz was never mentioned in the media, until recently, and it is no coincidence it is coming just as he is skyrocketing in the polls, even surpassing Trump in Iowa and some other states.

In fact, Donald Trump in September 2015 made it clear that he believed Cruz was eligible for the presidency. But Trump has flip flopped and now claims he doesn’t know.

Ted Cruz’s critics are in panic mode, and even they know this is a non-issue, but will take their chances to try taking him down anyway. Back in 2008, Senator John McCain was the GOP nominee for president, even though he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Or take Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, who was born in Mexico. He still was able to run for president as well, so these birther attacks are nothing new. They’re just an attempt to try to take down political opponents.

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