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Vladimir Putin is becoming the darling of the Right. Well not really. Some of us are old enough to have spent many years of our lives preparing to square off against the red hordes. One of the put downs younger soldiers use when they feel old salts are living in the past is “he’s still crouching in the woodline with camo paint on his face waiting for the Russians”. It’s worded that way because they can’t say it to our face haha. People like (as old as) me understand that Putin is our mortal enemy and younger Americans have not experienced the Cold War mentality. We were taught about the perils of Communism and saw film of the empty USSR grocery shelves. Cold War soldiers manned the frontiers in Germany on the Czech border knowing they were but a speed bump out manned and out gunned. On the 38th parallel in Korea, you knew you had a life expectancy of seven seconds if the “balloon went up”. You did it anyway. In the morning in the middle of the winter you and tens of thousands like you shuffled to the mess tent, got your breakfast and went back to your position to enjoy your scrambled eggs, in spite of the thin coating of ice that had formed on your way back. Back to former and forever KGB agent Putin, he’s not our darling, he’s just telling the truth.

Conservatives tend to gravitate to the truth like moths to the flame. Notice I DID NOT say Republicans. Most capable conservatives are able to correct course if they take a position and it is proven to them to be wrong. Leftists and Ruling class Republicans cannot or will not do this. Ever. John’s McCain and Kerry are two of these enemies of the State. The reason that many conservatives, myself included have agreed with Vlad is that we have done our own research. When we listen to John Effingham Kerry quote 2010 percentages of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) dominance within the rebel forces we know he is lying. This is a core problem for me today. With all the well documented lies that have been submitted to the American people by this administration, my default reaction to anything official is it’s a lie. We must be careful here though because loss of trust in Government is a Cultural Marxism goal. This is a situation that is harmful to the United States on the world stage as across the globe everyone knows our official spokespeople are full of shit.

Kerry, McCain, Graham, Obama, Cantor, Boehner and all their associated mouthpieces are feebly trying to make the case that we should attack the regime of Bashar Al Assad. Assad is no friend of ours ( a little Godfather talk). This being said, he has ensured that Sunni, Shiite, Alawite, Christian and Jew have been able to survive and flourish. Assad’s family and the ruling class of Syria are Alawis and represent about 12% of the population. Christians represent about 10%. Over 70% of Syria and almost all of the rebels are Sunni. The FSA’s time is past. We could have helped them 2 ½ years ago when even I did not want to get involved, but in retrospect we probably should have. They are moderate but losing members on a daily basis. As we stood by the last couple years this war has gone from Civil to Imperial. Al Qaeda has flooded in from all over the middle east and the FSA is now only the second largest force. Chechen Caucasian muslims or Creepy Ass Crackers are in full effect in the Rebel Force now. The strongest, most well armed and the force with the highest morale is the Al Nusra Front .

In closing, just so you understand the gravity of this post I want you to leave understanding that anything we do as a nation if the utilization of military force is authorized or illegally used after a congressional veto, will benefit Al Nusra. The Al Nusra Front is the Syrian wing of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). This will be a treasonous endeavor by previously mentioned enemies of the State. Some of our grass roots activists out here get it. The patriots in Arizona get it here , here , here and especially here . McCain has surpassed his usefulness to the nation and has entered might as well be a Democrat status. It has been reported that defense contractor funding to the cadaverous Senator from Arizona is to blame, but to me it’s just the old cocktail party circuit of politicians on both sides of the aisle demonstrating why we REALLY need term limits in all three branches of United States government.  What we need to do now is understand the second third and fourth effects of any feckless, face saving attack on Bashar Al Asad in Syria. As I said before I am no supporter of this guy or his staunch ally Putin, but we are in an international game of three dimensional chess. We have no allies with teeth. Assad has Russia, Iran to include Hezbollah and a veto vote at the UN Security Counsel of Communist China. Our military is tired and our bank is in the red. Obama, McCain, Kerry, Powers, Boehner, Reid, Graham, and yes, NBCCBSABCCNN Must Be Stopped!

I don’t write that much but when I do I do it as The National Security Correspondent for Team Ninja

Hutch Bailie Jr. Godfather

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