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Delaware Governor signs resolution apologizing for slavery; didn’t slavery end over 150 years ago?

What a great idea. Why not apologize for something you had no part in, on behalf of those who never asked you to represent them. It’s a politician’s dream: You can be both sincere and a hypocrite at the same time!

Slavery officially ended in this country over 150 years ago. Slavery should be remembered as well as the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek and several things. They should be remembered, so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. No person now alive is responsible for those atrocities. Your great-grandparents may have owned slaves, but you don’t so you have nothing to apologize for.

From ABC News:

Gov. Jack Markell signed a resolution Wednesday apologizing for Delaware’s role in slavery and wrongs committed against blacks during the Jim Crow era.

Calling slavery an “egregious sin,” Markell said it cannot be separated from the challenges facing modern America in ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to pursue his or her potential.

“A candid acknowledgment and acceptance of our past is the only way to understand our present and to take full responsibility for our future,” he said.

Along with signing the resolution, which was passed by state lawmakers last month, Markell presented a proclamation recognizing African American History Month. He also joined Delaware State University Harry Williams in unveiling an exhibit at the state archives commemorating the 125th anniversary of historically black school.

The resolution apologizing for slavery is a symbolic measure aimed at promoting “reconciliation and healing.” It states that the General Assembly intends that it not be used in, or be the basis for, any litigation.

According to the resolution, legislatures in eight other states also have apologized for their roles in slavery.

I don’t hold any white person responsible for slavery, the slave trade, the atrocities that happened over 150 years ago. If I were really mean, I would dig up the graves of the slavemasters, hang them and burn their bones but that won’t do anything either. We have to move past that but the culture of today’s new society has placed the blame on something they were never part of to satisfy their inadequacies.



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