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Dem Guest Goes Ballistic on Hannity; Claims Crystal Wright/Hannity Hate Blacks – VIDEO

Hannity’s panel went totally war-like when guest Leo Terrell wildly claimed that Idaho and Utah are segregated states and apartheid does exist in America. He totally went ballistic on host Hannity and guest Crystal Wright, “People like me can’t go to Idaho and Wyoming! Those are segregated states and always will be, they’re apartheid states! Are you kidding me?!”


Wright pushed back, and Terrell disrespectfully responded to her by saying “woman!” at her. Terrell also accused her of “using her color to defend apartheid” and cried, “Shame on you, ma’am!”

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.01.20 AM

Wright and Hannity kept the pressure on Terrell in a calm fashion by pressing Terrell on the “black on black genocide” going on in Chicago, and Terrell accused them of collaborating behind the scenes to tag-team him with their talking points. He shouted, “Why are you hating on blacks?!”

This was one for the books in my opinion.


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