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Dem Rep Called For Impeachment Of Trump Now Says “He Won’t Be Found Guilty”

Democrats are some of the most confused illogical people on this earth. They don’t make sense and they try not to make sense which is their gameplan.

If Democrats can keep voters confused, they can swoop in with their focus group talking points and lead their blind mice voters astray.

Rep. Al Green just asked for an impeachment of President Trump last week on the House floor rambled while he was being interviewed by Brooke Baldwin on CNN. Look at Baldwin, she is not interested in this man’s double talk.

Source: NTKNetwork

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) tried to discuss how impeaching President Trump will play out on CNN on Monday, but he admitted that he is unsure that a Senate would convict Trump.

“He won’t be found guilty if he’s impeached. The Senate tries the case,” Green said.

He then incorrectly stated, “The House can find a president guilty.”

“If I choose to bring [a bill of impeachment], I will have it heard. What the results will be, I do not know,” he said.

When you see stupidity like this, you have to vote these people out of office. You have to mount an attack in this person’s district and bring them down by replacing them with a conservative voice that will work hard in that community to restore some sort of relationship between voter and representative. Results also go a long way.

Green is a sad case and this interview was tiring.

What did you think of Green’s rambling? Share your opinion below in the comment section.

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