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Dem VP Nominee Kaine “Aren’t We All Patriots?” — No Tim, Liberals Are Not!

Most of today’s psycho Democrats don’t even know what patriotism is. You can’t be “for America” and stand for everything that America stands against. It’s laughable that the liberals are trying to pitch her as patriotic. Unfortunately for her, the American people aren’t stupid.

Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine who seems to be a younger version of the clueless Joe Biden just showed me he were way behind the curve on strategic thinking when he asked: “Aren’t we all patriots?”

From Politico:

“[Americans] saw the Democrats pull together behind a relentlessly upbeat and patriotic view of this country,” Kaine told supporters seated in the factory, referring to the successful Democratic National Convention. “Aren’t we all patriots?”

Since Donald Trump’s convention in Cleveland, which painted a dark and isolationist vision of America and its place in the world, Democrats have sought to capitalize on the red, white and blue symbolism and rhetoric he has ceded them — Clinton campaign aides are now even distributing small American flags to supporters at their larger rallies.

“American exceptionalism and the American dream are alive and well,” billionaire investor Mark Cuban told a crowd in Pittsburgh, introducing and officially endorsing Clinton and Kaine at their next bus tour stop Saturday night. “I’m ready to vote for the American dream.”

Democrats find patriotism politically expedient because they think voters are stupid, do you agree?

Bringing America down and converting it to an entirely Socialist state is not patriotism. Burning and stomping on the American flag is not patriotism. Racism is not patriotism.

Speaking about a strategy to engage Hispanics and Latinos as TACO BOWL is not patriotism, that’s racism and bigotry. Stamp and burn the American flag, be unsupported of the law enforcement, support corruption inside your party, and mostly turn blind against ISIS is not patriotic is traitorous.

Where do you think Tim Kaine’s head is to even ask a question like that?

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