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Democrat foreign policy disasters

There is a long and infamous history of Democrat foreign policy disasters, from Jimmy Carter allowing the birth of Radical Islam in Iran, to Bill Clinton’s weakness inspiring bin Laden to strike inside the U.S., to today with President Obama and his feckless foreign policy that has our friends shaking their heads and our enemies laughing. Russia and their stooges in Ukraine shot down a passenger plane and the head of the last super power in world spends 38 seconds speaking passively about this travesty, but then yuks it up at a fundraiser as 300 bodies are strewn over a farm field… American journalist James Foley gets beheaded by ISIS and Obama spends seven minutes sleep-walking through a dispassionate speech and then is on the links just minutes later fist bumping with former NBA star Alonzo morning as Foley’s parents are still expressing their grief on National TV. But this is nothing new for the complacent, detached supposed Commander-in-Chief. His indifference, when he heard that his Ambassador in Libya was missing was to retire to the royal bedroom in the East Wing… that not only got four Americans killed in Benghazi but with the flare-ups all over the globe, has exposed the obvious fact that with evil people all over the world wanting to do the U.S. harm as well as our allies, you DO NOT elect a community organizer to be the leader of the free world. That’s because the terrorists and terrorist states of the world know that the United States is impotent with a weak interloper as the supposed Commander-in-Chief.

Let’s start the Democrat disasters in foreign policy with the Jimmy Carter Presidency: a Presidency that not even the most loony-liberal historians can save as nothing but an unequivocal catastrophe. Carters biggest lesson, is a lesson that while some might think that we can elect an unqualified re-bound president, the horrible consequences just might be felt, decades later. A foreshadowing of the Obama administration’s latest emboldening of the terrorist army The Islamic State of Iraq to Syria (ISIS) and the rise of the first Caliphate since 1924… the feckless, naive and inexperienced Carter allowed the birth of radical Islam to take root with its own country. The virus that is radical Islam not only caused the deaths of 3,000 Americans on 9-11, but millions of others who have been killed, as well as the millions of women who have suffered untold oppression through the last four decades after the rise of the Ayatollah in Iran. Now THAT is a war on women that the Left is silent on. The Peanut Farmer from Georgia, who was only elected because of a knee-jerk reaction to Nixon’s cover-up AFTER a two-bit break-in, was the catalyst to what we see today from Islamists who seek to destroy the infidels worldwide. We are suffering today, all this because Carter didn’t have the Shahs back (who was a long-time U.S. ally) when there was an Islamic uprising in 1979. While nobody believes the Shah should have been nominated for sainthood, it’s better to have a devil that is on your side than an insane devil that calls for your destruction. Not only did Carter wave the white flag to radical Islam back in ’79, he showed the world, like Obama has done recently, that America is WEAK on the international stage and can be dismissed as a power for good in the world like we once were.

President Bill Clinton’s foreign policy was as naive and short-sighted as Carter’s was & Obama’s is. Clinton’s actions on foreign policy, like Carter before him, emboldened Islamist Terrorists that lead to the attacks on 9-11. Actions, and in one case, inaction sealed the fate of those in New York in 2001… It was just another in a long line of moves made out of inexperience and naiveté that caused future disastrous events. Even though bin Laden declared war between his Terror Group, Al Qaeda and the U.S., Clinton refused an offer from the Sudanese government to hand over bin Laden on a silver platter to U.S. authorities (through the Saudis) in 1996. The second and even more egregious move than the foolish decision to NOT imprison bin Laden was the action Clinton took in Mogadishu. After sending troops to Somalia on a humanitarian mission, as soon as fighting broke against the U.S. forces from Al Qaeda-backed Somali thugs, in the infamous “Black Hawk Down” episode, Clinton waved the white flag, tucked tail and ran. Not even considering that this cowardice would embolden our enemies. And that’s EXACTLY what it did. In an interview, bin Laden pointed to this pathetic weakness as his inspiration to strike within the United States borders and it was because, and I quote, “the U.S. is a Paper Tiger”. His view of Clinton’s actions in Somalia as well as treating the first attempt to bring down the Twin Towers in 1993 as a police matter and NOT an act of terrorism, made bin Laden focus his attentions on what turned out to be the worst attack on American soil because he saw the U.S. as weak and with no stomach to strike back. Taking actions without any thoughts of future ramifications are a running theme for Democratic Administrations.

Obama is the cherry on top of a long list of disastrous Democrat presidents’ foreign policy disasters. Another rebound president because of the 2008 economic crash that the Democrats caused but with the help of a liberal press, pinned it all on George Bush and the GOP. Another unqualified candidate thrust into the White House with absolutely no qualifications to be the leader of the free world.

While no one can actually begin to fathom what the intention of the Obama administration was when they cut the “Domestic Bomb Prevention” budget in half, I repeat cut in half, the tragic result was the Boston Bombing on April 15th, 2013. While this moronic decision that lead to the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9-11, is unexplainable, the other factors that lead to the bombing are also baffling as to who really is looking out for our Homeland Security. Russia had warned this administration that their “Al Qaeda” affiliated terrorist group, the Chechen separatists, were furious about Obama telling the Russians that he’ll be MORE FLEXIBLE to their wills. They even told the FBI to look out for Chechen immigrants in the U.S., and Russia’s Intel apparatus even told them to investigate Chechen immigrant Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who had received terrorist training in Dagestan in 2012 and, as you know, was to be the domestic bomber in Boston… and the Obama Administration’s answer to all this valuable intel about a domestic terrorist danger… slash the domestic bomb prevention budget in half. The idea behind putting ALL of America in danger of a terrorist’s bomb are unclear but the result WAS clear: 3 dead, including an 8-year-old boy and at least 14 people who had limbs amputated. In this administration, whether their intentions are good, bad or unexplainable… the results are always catastrophic.

The latest misguided intentions that we are seeing the results of today is Obama’s ridiculous, naive and feckless foreign policy decisions and NON-decisions that have directly or indirectly cost THOUSANDS of lives worldwide. From another unilateral decision by the President, the Libya fiasco that led to the first Ambassador to be killed since Jimmy Carter’s Ambassador to Afghanistan in 1979 , to the pathetic phony red line in Syria that let Assad to keep slaughtering civilians and even emboldened him. This weakness also set ISIS on a slaughtering campaign not seen since the Ottoman Empire. From Obama’s campaign in 2008, where he vowed to stop the genocide in Africa to today where he hasn’t lifted a finger to help the thousands of Christians being butchered all over that continent. The most egregious of the foreign policy epic failures is unfolding before our eyes in Iraq today. While George Bush signed the withdrawal date of troops from Iraq, Obama, of course was more interested in lying and claiming the HE ended the war in Iraq, then actually doing the ONLY job Bush left for him to do for Iraq: sign a Status of Forces Agreement. Obama’s ineptitude or his calculated intention to make it look like he FULLY pulled out of Iraq, has resulted in an Iraq that’s in chaos and has the possibility of ISIS taking the ENTIRE country over. All the lives lost on the Iraqi civilian side, James Foley’s decapitation as well as EVERY BRAVE soldier who died or was maimed to free Iraq from the terrorist sponsor Saddam Hussein, will be for naught. Was the refusal to press for a Status of Forces Agreement done just to give Obama a phony talking point going into the 2012 election because he had ZERO accomplishments to promote? The fact is, all of Obama’s foreign policy failures are because he’s a President who DOES NOT care or bother to think about what his actions today will result in down the road. His ignorance as to the reality of what’s happening on the ground in the War On Terror was epitomized when he called ISIS a “Junior Varsity Team” to Al Qaeda IMMEDIATELY after they took Faluja, Iraq.

On this continent, his decision to dangle the carrot of amnesty in front of Hispanics in Central and South America just to import new voters is the latest decision that, unfortunately, just might cause another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This callous decision to help the future of the Democrat party has left the southern boarders MORE porous than ever before and is the perfect opportunity for foreign powers as well as terrorist organizations to move their suicide bombers into the U.S. undetected. I hope that I never have the consequences of this Democrat disastrous, short-sighted and selfish decision.

This next clip from the 2012 Presidential debate just about sums the coup-de-gras of foreign policy ignorance of President Obama. During the debate, President Obama pointed out that Republican candidate Mitt Romney had called Russia America’s number one geopolitical foe in the world:

It’s pretty pathetic that after 4 years of on-the-job-training as Commander-in-Chief, Obama STILL didn’t know what geopolitical means: Here’s the definition of geopolitical for our most brilliant President: the application of the influence of political and economic geography on the politics, national power, Foreign Policy of a state.

Mr. Obama, which Country does Al Qaeda rule?

In that same debate, Romney said that he would have left a residual army of about 10,000 soldiers in Iraq. The brilliant Obama said he would leave zero. We see with the rise of ISIS that this is another bloody foreign policy blunder by the Clueless-One-in-Chief. His intention was to use a full withdrawal was only to be used as a talking point for an election. But with the THOUSANDS slaughtered by ISIS and the beheading of Foley, the consequences of a purely political decision on foreign policy is a disaster beyond anyone’s belief.

With Mitt Romney being proven right, and President Obama being proven wrong with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as Russia thwarting most of our attempts to reign in rough states in the UN, it’s exposed Obama as weak and bewildered as to how to operate in foreign affairs. With Romney also being right about leaving a residual force in Iraq, it’s painfully obvious who should be the United States president at this crucial time while the world is on fire.

This country has suffered immensely from ne’er-do-well naive Democrat presidents that care more about public perception and poll numbers than doing what’s right for the OUR COUNTRY and the Free World and its ever-present fight against terrorism, rogue states and imperialistic countries like the old Soviet Union and today’s Russia under Vladimir Putin.

So Barack Obama, you mocked Mitt Romney who was actually 100% right on ALL counts, by saying that the “1980s are calling for their foreign policy back”. Well Mr President, the 1970s are calling…. and they want their President back… Jimmy Carter gave birth to Radical Islam and YOU have taken it to the next level… YOU have given birth to the first Islamic caliphate in almost a century with untold thousands slaughtered across the deserts of Syria and Iraq.

Mr President, our Dear Leader, please abdicate your thrown before more people suffer.

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