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Democratic Communications Director Gets Called Out On A Lie, Runs Away Like a Little Girl

Democrats in Louisiana are circling their wagons after their candidate, Mary Landrieu, suffered an agonizing defeat to Republican Bill Cassidy. On Dem in particular, Democratic Communications Director, Kristin Alvanitakis, must have an especially sour taste in her mouth after finding herself on the business end of a potential defamation lawsuit for making false claims about conservative film-maker James O’Keefe.

There is a fantastic video that chronicles the hilarious exposure of this liar. You can watch it below:


If that’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen, your eyes are closed. At least she knows she messed up, but in true liberal form, she’s not going to apologize and/or admit to any wrong-doing. Something tells me she’ll be contacted by O’Keefe’s lawyer shortly.

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