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Amnesty Death Trap
Amnesty Death Trap

Democrats’ Amnesty Death Trap

With today’s hot-button issue of immigration, the motivation and the root cause of this man-made crisis has been lost. For those of you Democrats out there who think the leaders of your party are such caring and sympathetic humanitarians and all that they want is what’s good for illegal Hispanic immigrants, think again. It’s all about the new voter block and how Democrats can keep creating suppressed people to keep them in power and in their champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

One of the richest members of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, who is worth MORE than 100 million dollars and has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, except try to import more, when was the last time you heard of a charity created by her to help build housing or shelters? Thought so. With black youth slowly moving away from the Democrat party as well as the black vote being a steady constant number, the Democrats look to import MORE voters from Latin and Central America, because unlike the African-American community, the Hispanic numbers are exploding. Results from the last census show that by 2043, whites will no longer be the majority in the U.S., falling to 43% of the population. Hispanics who are at 17% will almost DOUBLE to 31% of the population. And blacks, yesterday’s news for Democrats, will only slightly tick up to 14%.

It’s PURELY about numbers and votes for the Democrats when it comes to the issue of immigration. If you don’t believe me, just ask the LEGAL Hispanic Americans in the San Joaquin Valley in California. Do the Democrats care about THEM? They’re a minority. They are low wage earners. NO, they don’t care about them because it was DEMOCRATS that turned off the water source to the farms in the central valley JUST TO SAVE a little two-inch fish, the delta smelt. Turning off the water to the valley in 2009 sent ALL the farms into a dust bowl and created OVER 50% HISPANIC UNEMPLOYMENT in the San Joaquin Valley that is STILL a wasteland today. So liberals, DON’T TELL ME THAT THE DEMOCRATS care SO MUCH about downtrodden Hispanics… they only shed crocodile tears for the ones that can’t vote yet, and the ones that CAN vote, to hell with them.

Now black unemployment is DOUBLE that of whites today at 10.7% and the answer to this HOMELAND humanitarian crisis in the black community by America’s first black President and the “feel your pain” Democrats is what? Import low skill illegal alien Hispanics for low skill jobs, the same jobs that over 40% of of black youths are looking for, but can’t find under Obama’s and the Democrats DISASTROUS economic policies over the past seven and a half years. Democrats KNOW that these new immigrants will NOT find work as REAL unemployment is STILL above 10%, but they don’t care. They can get these NEW voters hooked on the Government handout and keep their taxpayer funded limousines and jets. Just like Franklin Delenor Roosevelt did in the 1930’s and just like Lyndon Johnson did in the 1960’s. It’s a tried and true democratic ploy to create new voters by creating new government dependents. It’s just updated for the new rise in Hispanic population.

Another reason that the Democrats are rushing to push through immigration reform NOW is that they are worried what will happen to the black vote once Obama is NOT on the ballot. Obama commanded a blind vote for the Democratic party by over 90% of black voters when he ran in 2008 and 2012. The party is now worried that without Obama, the black voter will realize that the Democrats have done NOTHING for them over the past 50 years of empty promises as FORMER Democrat and Obama supporter Charles Barkley recently said, and either vote republican like Charles or stay home.

While pushing immigration reform (actually it’s end run is amnesty) the Democrats ALWAYS say that they will NOT allow illegal immigrants who come here or are here now, to vote immediately. They want to give them a “pathway” to citizenship first and have them start paying taxes like regular Americans. “Lets make it TEN YEARS before they can vote”, they say. That gives hope to the gullible RINOsauruses in Congress that we can do so with their hearts and minds in those LONG ten years. If you think the Democrats are trustworthy and keep their word about WAITING TEN LONG years, I’ve got news for you. Democrats say and do whatever they need to at the moment, to further their agenda. THEN when all is said and done, they go back on their word. If you don’t think Democrats will vote for immigration legislation that denies immigrants the right to vote for ten years and once it is signed into law, fight tooth and nail to change THAT provision immediately, before the ink is even dry, think again.

Do you think today’s democrats are capable of calling for pathway’s voting rights as soon as they get their green card? Let’s take a look at two of the leaders of the Democrats in the Senate. Back during the DOW crash of 2008, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his right hand man, New York Senator and SCUM lord Chuck Schumer, BOTH spread rumors of bankruptcy about financial and insurance industry entities ONLY to crash Wall Street to the point of no return JUST to improve their party’s chances in the upcoming election. These people did not care about the misery caused by these acts as, for Democrats, the ends ALWAYS justify the means. I will bet anyone that if they pass immigration reform soon, and ALL proposals have the so-called “pathways” paying taxes, that Chuck Schumer will be on EVERY TV show he can find talking about his new found love for the Constitution. This will be a sight to see…. Schumer and ALL of the Democrats will, for the first time in their lives, embrace the Constitution so fervently, that you’ll think that they have converted to the Tea Party. It will be nothing but Democrats on TV 24/7 screaming that we can’t have “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!” They will be comparing illegal immigrants to our Founding Fathers no less. And what’s sad about this brazen and callous attempt at capturing a new voting block that will keep them in power for the next 50 years, is the typical and predictable reaction of the RINOsauruses in Congress. Liberal butt-kissers like John McCain and Lindsy Graham will follow the Democrats lead in their ever pathetic attempt to make the Liberal press like them and they will sign on to giving “pathways” the right to vote, because, as they will say… “it’s just not right, NOT the American way”. And THAT my people, will be the end of the Republican Party.

Another reason that the Democrats want to push through immigration reform BEFORE President Obama leaves office is to have a back-up plan to a “Pathways Voting Rights Act”. If WE THE PEOPLE make enough noise to stop an attempt to give illegals the right to vote, Democrats know that Obama won’t think twice about turning the U.S.A. upside down again by using an executive order to just HAND the right to vote to illegals if need be. Even though the President is the first black president in History, he has shown time and time again that he has NO shame in pandering to the new juggernaut that is the Hispanic demographic. And since he has shown no restraint in making his own laws with his infamous pen, the Hispanic demographic is their golden goose that their rotten egg of a POTUS will hand them on a silver platter before leaving the Oval Office.

President Bush foresaw this change in demographics back in his second term and wanted to do something about it. But as the ONLY president in the history of the United States to have a Master’s Degree, he was smarter than most. He knew that if you wanted to have immigration reform, you HAD TO SECURE THE BORDERS FIRST. That’s why before EVER proposing ANY immigration reform, Bush pushed through the “Secure Fence Act” in 2006. The Secure Fence Act’s goal was to secure the southern borders, to decrease illegal entry, hinder drug trafficking and security threats, by building 700 miles of physical barriers as well as funding other enforcement instruments such as technology and manpower. Once the Democrats took over the House and Senate on January 3rd, 2007, they DEFUNDED THE SECURE FENCE ACT.. they DE-FUNDED THE LAW OF THE LAND and showed to the WORLD, that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED at their word. The Secure Fence Act passed the House in ’06 with a HUGE bi-partisan vote and it also passed the Senate with an unheard of 80 to 19 majority. So the Democrats that voted OVERWHELMINGLY FOR the Secure Fence Act just MONTHS earlier, de-funded it when THEY took power… and today, we have EXACTLY what Bush had predicted. Bush knew that you would have a humanitarian crisis at our borders as Central and South Americans sprint to the border EVERY TIME THEY HEAR the word “amnesty” bantered around in Washington. EXACTLY LIKE WE HAVE NOW because of President Barack Obama’s disregard for Hispanics personal safety and well-being by dangling a carrot in front of them, enticing them to jump our boarders in hopes of becoming legal Americans.

This sick and twisted attempt to increase the Democratic voting block has put THOUSANDS of people and especially children at risk of death by making most of them cross 100 degree temperatures in the Mexican desert, and with danger of rape and kidnapping from the scum of the earth – smugglers called Coyotes. Not surprisingly, the ever sympathetic Liberal press doesn’t seem too interested in reporting the suffering and death caused by this Administrations irresponsible enticement for illegals to risk their lives and fortunes (some pay $10,000 to $20,000, U.S. dollars, to the Coyotes) for what is a simple cynical attempt to CONSCRIPT the new exploding Hispanic voting block.

With the crisis at border facilities like Murietta, Obama and the Democrats have EXACTLY what they wanted when they de-funded the fence, illegally gave dreamers amnesty by executive order and floating the carrot of amnesty for over a year now. And the bonus to all this…. ANOTHER chance to call protesters against this ILLEGAL act by a lawless administration, “racist”. Obama and others have played the race card over and over again to divide America to make it easier for their agenda to slide through and to pander to minorities by demonizing Republicans and whites in general as bigots. The protesters in the streets now are just every day Americans who want to protect their OWN towns from a tsunami of illegal aliens that have already been diagnosed as carrying tuberculosis, Flesh Eating Scabies, Dengue Fever, Measles and Chicken Pox, and now Swine Flu (H1N1) that has appeared in a San Antonio shelter for illegals. Does THIS administration that orchestrated this crisis care about any of the many disastrous consequences that have emerged? Of course not. It’s all about furthering their agenda and consolidating their power in DC.

And YES IT IS about power and who’s going to run the country. I’m not ashamed to say it because THEY are not ashamed about doing it. Look at what the Democrats have done since taking over the House and Senate on January 3, 2007. They inherited 4.6% unemployment from the GOP and brought about an economic DISASTER not seen since the Great Depression JUST to capture the White House and keep Congress under their demonic control. To fall for the Democrat Immigration Death trap will be the end of the GOP but more important, it will bring about a Democrat majority for decades to come… AND THAT will be catastrophic for ALL Americans as the Liberal agenda is to keep EVERYONE down except those Democrat Millionaires in DC, running everyone’s life… into the ground.

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