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Democrats ‘freaking out’ after Bill Clinton’s weak defend Hillary performance

Mark Halperin this morning saying many Democrats are “freaking out” over Bill Clinton’s weak performance trying to defend Hillary over her email scandal.

Bill was much more halting than usual and tried to cast Hillary as a victim. Halperin wonders if Bill still has it in him to “up his game” going forward in defending Hillary.

Bill has always been viewed by the Democrat party as an asset because he have the gift of gab. He knows how to connect with people like no other, and that’s something Hillary can’t match.

“I think Hillary would be a great president but I have… I have no confidence in my political feel anymore,” Clinton said.

“One of the biggest variables to me now in watching that interview is, can he up his game?” Halperin said. “A lot of Democrats are counting on him to be out on the campaign trail for her, sharper than he was in that interview.”

Halperin wasn’t having it and he expressed it during this video clip:

Does Halperin have a point? Should the Democrats be worried about said husband and how he defended his wife this past weekend?

h/t – YouTube

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