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Dems Game Plan: “Hard to find people who have been hurt under Obamacare”

Democrat Congressman and DCCC official is saying you really can’t find anyone suffering under ObamaCare.

Democrats really are having a heckuva week.

A few days ago, they lost a special election in Florida in a friendly district. They were soon mocked incessantly over their ridiculous excuses. Even the liberal blog The Daily Kos called DCCC Chairman Steve Israel “f*#$%ing delusional.” 

In an interview with Politico, Connecticut’s Jim Himes said it’s hard to find people suffering under the failed law:

“You know what we also have on our side – we have reality. It’s been very challenging for [Americans for Prosperity] to actually find people who have really been badly hurt, whereas there are millions of Americans who’ve gotten coverage.”

What an out-of-touch thing to say.

fozzie-gifMaybe if Himes spent less time raising money for Nancy Pelosi and more time meeting with folks across the country, he’d realize the disastrous effects of this law?

Democrats like Himes have absolutely no idea the destruction ObamaCare has caused. Americans are facing higher premiums, canceled plans, and lost jobs.

Are you suffering under ObamaCare? Head to and tell us your story.

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