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Deneen Borelli on NAACP counter-meeting: ‘We are going to bring solutions to the table’

As reported this week at, Deneen Borelli has taken matters into her own hands after being snubbed by the NAACP for the second year in a row. Borelli, the Outreach Director for FreedomWorks, a grassroots organization dedicated to limited government, and author of Blacklash, sought to address the organization for their annual meeting, but was “ignored.”

So Borelli, along with prominent  black conservatives such as Katrina Pierson, Wayne Dupree, Lesli Brower, Brenda Flank, and the Rev. C.L. Bryant, will be holding their own event in the same hotel, at the same time, as the NAACP convention.

Wayne Dupree interviewed Borelli on his radio show Wednesday night (at around the 13:14 minute mark).

During the must-hear interview, Borelli explained,

We are going to have our own Liberty Summit, because we’ve been denied for two years – the black conservative voice has been denied access to the NAACP’s agenda…so we’re going to take our message to the attendees there in Las Vegas on Monday, July 21st at 2:00 – 5:00 pm at the Mandalay Bay Hotel…

The NAACP laughingly claims to be “nonpartisan,” but they are often at the forefront of supporting radical left-wing causes. In fact, one of the founders of the century-old organization, W.E.B. Dubois, was a communist who was often at odds with Booker T. Washington, who believed that black Americans could achieve their own “economic and moral advancement by becoming efficient at practical skills…rather than pursuing legal and political means for collective advancement.”

The clash between the two iconic men is another illustration of how history repeats.

Black conservatives are subjected to a particular brand of vitriol from the radical left, as they do not fit in to the carefully crafted narrative created for them by the mainstream media and Democrat politicians. Borelli and Dupree discussed this vitriol in a compelling conversation starting at around the 16:20 minute mark.

While considering statements made by black conservatives, Dupree said, “I cannot remember one of us turning around on black voters and calling them ‘Uncle Toms’ and the ‘N’ word [or other] disparaging terms,” he said. The radical left, he continued, “feels comfortable” using disparaging terms to describe black conservatives.

Borelli agreed, saying “…they are very vocal and not afraid or ashamed [to use vitriolic speech].” She continued to say that as conservatives, no matter the skin color,

We deal in facts and we deal with reality. And when you have facts on your side, it’s hard for the left to argue, you know, supporting big government or more spending or higher taxes, so what they’ll do…is call you names.

Speaking of the Liberty event, Dupree said,

I’m pumped, I am ready to go. I am ready to stand by your side and get it done.

Borelli and Dupree will not be silenced. Their fearless approach to standing in the face of intolerance is an inspiration for all Americans.

We are going to bring solutions to the table,” Borelli said, “And not just point fingers and play the race card…

Watch a video from, a FreedomWorks outreach initiative:


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