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Dershowitz To Tucker Carlson — Special Counsel Won’t Find A Crime

I have always thought how Alan Dershowitz believes in the rule of law and the constitution so how can he support Hillary Clinton?

He has been speaking in support of President Trump lately and it brings a smile to my face when I hear this Democrat slam the others in their attempt to hit at Trump.

Do you notice how more people are yelling “fire” with Trump, yet there is less smoke than with Hillary.

He is sounding more and more like Trump’s defense lawyer. I like it.

Noting the prior behavior of the Democrats, Trump could be fully exonerated but they would find a way of accusing the Special Counsel of “putting the fix in”, and so on. Wait for it because it’s coming.

I don’t care if Dershowitz is a Democrat, I can like you if you use common sense when you speak. It’s makes all the difference in the world.

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