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Dershowitz to Marc Lamont Hill on Gaza Conflict ‘You are part of the problem’


Here is liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz just destroying Leftist Dr. Marc Lamont Hill for his rabid anti-Israel rhetoric, calling Israel “an Apartheid State.” Dershowitz set Hill straight, reminding him that he (Dershowitz) actually served on Nelson Mandela’s legal team, and actually knows something about “Apartheid.”

Dershowitz said Israel is no Apartheid state, and slammed Hamas for using the “Dead Baby Strategy” of putting their rockets and tunnels in civilian areas because they want civilians to be killed.

Dershowtiz bluntly said people like Marc Lamont Hill are “part of the problem” for standing up for Hamas, and said “Shame on you” for his attacks on Israel.

h/t CNN

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