(update!)Desperate times in Obamaland by Chris Ivan

gay-641x375With Dismal sign ups and ‘enrollment’ numbers at the Obamacare site, the masterminds at Healthcare.gov are desperate to find groups of people to sign on. This week its the homosexuals. A group that makes up less than 4% of the population. Whats next? Maybe an ad to reach individuals with cosmetic horn implants in their heads? Previously we saw ‘the talk at Thankgiving’ ads. The ‘plug Obamacare at the bar’  while you’re mack-daddying the cutie who just walked in. Now it’s the Christmas dinner talk starring ‘Pajama Boy”.  This testosterone challenged young man who grips his coffee with two hands should be a real winner, not.

Today we learned that Obama again pushed the deadline to sign up another 24 hours into the future (but we weren’t supposed to know). What can we expect tomorrow when that deadline approaches? Another extension? Maybe the new deadline can be when the ball drops on Times Square New Years Eve. Earlier in the week, Obama delayed the individual mandate for some (people who lost their individual plan) another year. The Healthcare law isn’t a law at all. This disaster is purely run by edicts from Obama himself.

But worry not! In a show of solidarity to his signature ‘law’, Obama signed himself up for it today. Well, not exactly. Actually his staff did the dirty work. They Gave Mr. Obama the Bronze plan for better optics. None of which actually matters anyway because he’s not bound by the law himself.

The Unaffordable Care Act continues to fall under its own weight. The website remains problematic and unfinished. Insurance companies can’t keep up with Obama’s daily changes to the ‘law.’ Young healthy people are not signing up. The vast majority that do enroll are medicaid eligible, meaning they wont be paying into the system. Also if you followed #Team Ninja’s shows you already knew what is being reported today about the percentage of  the enrolled that have actually paid a premium.  An embarrassing 5-10%.

At some point the President will run out of band aids, duct tape, and time. Many are already predicting this ‘law’ will need a cash bailout. I doubt that will sit well with Democrats seeking re election.

P.S. watch for the “sign up for Obamacare New Years Resolution” ads.

UPDATE!!!!! 12/25/2013

Sign-Up Period Extended Again for Health Plan

The Obama administration said Tuesday that it would provide more time for people to complete their applications for health insurance if they could show that they missed the deadline because of problems with the federal health care website.


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