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Despite S.C. Confederate Flag Down, 3 Dead And 10 Injured In Chicago Shootings

Despite the Confederate flag being taken down in South Carolina, that did not prevent more shootings taking place in Chicago. Since Friday, there have been 3 killed and at least 10 injured as reported from the Chicago Tribune.

The 3 who died were the following:

1) A 25 year old man at about 11 P.M. Friday night on the South side.

2) A 23 year old man at about 2:15 A.M. Saturday morning on the South side.

3) A man killed at about 3:15 A.M. Saturday morning on the West side.

So far, the oldest victim of the shootings includes a 39 year old, while most of the other victims were in their twenties.

The Tribune more recently reported about a ONE year old who was hit by a car earlier today.

There were many who believed the confederate flag in South Carolina actually contributed to some previous acts of violence. Well, the flag is down and shootings are still taking place. This is more evidence that the flag wasn’t the main problem, but its kids with broken down families, lack of morals, and other factors that are causing the violence we continue to see.

I personally didn’t have a problem with South Carolina taking down the flag. What I did not like though was the reason for taking it down. It was a knee jerk reaction in response to the Charleston shooting, and taking down a symbol does not miraculously stop the crime and racism today. Plus, the flag was on the grounds of the state capitol for over 50 years, so why wasn’t there any national outrage for the flag before the Charleston shooting?

Unfortunately in the case of Chicago, it has become a location where these types of shootings have become so mainstream, and the media keeps their silence on it.

Are you outraged with the Chicago violence continuing to not be reported as much as the media should? Respond with your comments below and please share this on facebook and twitter.

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