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Detroit Pastor RIPPED For Allowing Trump To Speak; Hillary Never Responded To Invitation!

I am sorry this Detroit Pastor has to go through this type of hate. I give the pastor credit for having Donald Trump for this special meeting. Trump is closing the gap and if Hillary Clinton doesn’t start accepting some of these invitations and making appearances outside her carefully planned stops she just might blow this, which I won’t be angry about.

Trump is doing everything a candidate should be doing and Clinton is doing nothing except hiding behind her media shield.

From The Hill:

In a series of interviews and social media posts over the past week, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson has defended his decision to invite Trump to his church and to be interviewed on Jackson’s television channel, Impact Network.”This interview is not an endorsement,” Jackson wrote on Facebook this week. “This is engagement. We have given Hillary Clinton the same opportunity as Donald Trump and she has not yet responded. This is not to put one up above the other but you gotta understand that we are in a race, and there’s two people in the race. This is to inform our community of what he will do if elected.”

It seems many of Jackson’s followers are not convinced. On Friday, his social media team warned on Facebook that it would be removing comments that resort to name-calling or use foul language.

But plenty of comments from unhappy users can still be seen on the page.

Other inflammatory comments call Jackson “a spawn of the devil,” accuse him of being paid off by Trump and label the event propaganda.

“There’s a lot of emotions going on right now — people are upset that he’s coming to Detroit,” Jackson told The Detroit News this week. “But if we don’t sit down to talk to him, we’ll never know what his policies are.”

Still, Jackson maintains that by interviewing Trump on his Impact Network, he is helping to inform his viewers. He also says that the candidate has a right to make his case to black voters.

Once again, I would like to thank you, Bishop Jackson, for inviting Mr. Trump to speak. I would like you to know that a vast majority of Trump supporters are not racists.  We love America and are sick over the corruption and so many other things destroying our peaceful way of life.

Many of us believe that while it’s important to help others, we have too many pressing concerns to address here at home first before we take on all of the world’s global problems. We believe that America has been run into the ground, and it’s time we all help pick her up again and see that our hard earned tax dollars are going to Americans in need first.

Our generosity is being taken advantage of way too often by people who don’t even like us!

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