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Devastating as it gets for Obama – Montage of Not Losing Doctor w/ObamaCare – Obama Supporters and Kristin Powers lose Doctors

This report is as devastating as it gets for Barack Obama.

Megyn Kelly plays a lengthy compilation of Barack Obama over the years promising absolutely that under ObamaCare, “if you like your Health Plan, you can keep it. Period.” Yet, hundreds of thousands of Americans are already getting letters from their insurance companies canceling their Health Plan because of ObamaCare regulations. In many cases, their new policies that are ObamaCare compliant will have much higher premiums.

Megyn Kelly talks to liberal Kirsten Powers, a longtime ObamaCare supporter, who admits she has lost her health plan and her new premium is just about doubling because of ObamaCare!

Who knows how many Americans will lose their health plans in the months ahead. The ObamaCare disaster.


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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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