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Diamond and Silk; Dupree lay into National Review’s Donald Trump hit piece with video responses

This past Friday, the National Review published a special edition Friday bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump in an attempt to sway Iowa Caucus voters against choosing the successful businessman. This angered a lot of people due to the timing and the absence of this type of voice for other serious matters that the Republican Congress allowed to happen over the years.

You might not support Trump but that doesn’t mean you go out and sabotage we’re not liberals. You promote your own candidate and let the chips fall where they may.

Wayne Dupree, the founder of this website published his video on Friday. Dupree hasn’t yet endorsed a candidate but has been faithfully reporting the election news daily and he didn’t think this action to be remotely fair to the voters. Check out his video here:

Excerpt from youtube page: The National Review attempt to sway voters into not voting for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee is lame. What happened to the tent the Republicans wanted to broaden after the 2012 election. Is this a member’s only club? Is this why Republicans can’t win a general election? Democrats don’t even do this.

Dupree was the 2015 American Conservative Blogger of the Year, he also won the 2014 Podcast of the year. He’s been Sean Hannity TV Specials, a speaker during the Tea Party Express National Bus Tours so this is not his first go around. His Twitter following is over 96K while his Facebook following is reaching 70K. Check out the Wayne Dupree Show here!

Diamond and Silk, Youtubers and Trump Stumpers also jumped at the hit piece and released their video today:

From today’s rant:

If you all are that conservative didn’t the Bible teach you about the 10 Commandments? That one commandment that said ‘Thou shalt not steal?’ So why are you all trying to steal Donald’s thunder? Trying to dim his shine? All because the conservative you’re trying to push is trailing from behind?

Oh, wrong move, wrong move. American people is tired of you trying to separate us because you have your own agenda…

…Now you have the gang of 22 writing hit pieces in the National Review. Who made you the conservative police?..

Who died and made you the conservative inspector?…

What you just did is separate yourself instead of unite yourself. The rest of us will continue to stump for Trump as the Red, White and Blue!

What do you think about these videos? Do you agree with their anger? Share your thoughts below and add this post to your twitter/facebook timeline.

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