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Did Chris Wallace Just Asked If Journalists Will Be Prosecuted For Printing Classified Intel?

Am I to understand a seasoned veteran TV host such as Chris Wallace is asking whether or not journalists who print classified intel should be prosecuted?

I think Wallace fell off the fruit truck before writing that question down for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, would be fired for hiring Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but I digress.

President Trump has reportedly suggested at, at, at one point prosecuting the reporters if they leak, if they publish classified information. Are you ruling that out?

I understand Wallace trying to protect the mainstream media from jail time if they publish/print classified information, but most of you will say they should be imprisoned for doing so. Printing classified material would be the result of hurting the office and operation it originated from. There’s a reason for handling and maintaining classified material. Anyone with common sense understands why it’s important to safeguard information as lives could be in jeopardy if someone is unmasked or compromised.

In the video below, Wallace acts as if he isn’t even thinking about the consequences of printing classified material that hasn’t been cleared by the originating office.

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