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Did Southern Poverty Law Center Cause Actor James Woods To Leave Twitter?

Actor James Woods said goodbye to his fans on Twitter on September 19th. In his final Tweet he wrote, “You either recognize the Obama catastrophe or you don’t. Hopefully my time on Twitter helped some of you finally see the light. Goodbye, All.”

Woods left no reason for leaving Twitter where he regularly criticized President Obama and his administration.

I’m curious what happened. James never backed down from a fight, and he always laughed at his detractors, regularly retweeting their insults. He wasn’t afraid of losing work in Hollywood, which he fully expected would happen because of his unending lambasting of this administration.

In order to figure out why James quit Twitter, I went over his most recent posts up to about two weeks ago.
Three events that he tweeted about stuck out.

    1. When Joan Rivers died, he recalled the times he spent with her, and her jokes about him
    2. He just passed the five-mile mark as a survivor of thyroid cancer
    3. He was criticized for taking on Eric Holder over the “racist” attack at a Kroger’s store in Memphis, Tennessee.

The first two may have caused him to reflect on his life. James may have decided he needed to live life more “off” social media. It’s not like he was on Twitter 24/7, though. I’m leaning towards #3.

On September 9th, James took on Eric Holder and challenged him to address the apparent black on white crime in Tennessee, the attacks on him heightened. James tweeted about Holder almost 30 times over the next day.

On September 10th, an ABC News affiliate ran a story about James’s challenge to Holder. The article included quotes from a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center that equated James’s statements to those of white nationalists.

Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes, said Woods’ logic was often employed by white nationalists who “call for crimes like this to be charged as hate crimes when there is no evidence to support this.”

Many leftists on Twitter began accusing James of being a racist at that point.

They continued to attack him when he posted his final tweet.

It was at this point that political commentary from James began to wane. Actually, his criticisms of Obama and the administration ceased altogether save his last tweet where he said goodbye to his followers.

James’ last political tweet was on September 10th, the day after he took on Holder, and the SPLC quote and accusations of being a racist came out (actually, he made mention of “death panels” on the 19th, but it wasn’t the same “beat down Obama!” James).

On September 11th, James tweeted a tribute to those who served. For the next eight days, James tweeted about enjoying life, his first job, how blessed he was, a few quips on the ups and downs of acting, and got country music star Luke Bryan to tweet a girl dying of cystic fibrosis.

When one goes over his account and his posts over that last week, it almost looks like he knew he was leaving, and was reflecting on life, and having fun helping others.

Normally, his Twitter timeline would be full of posts slamming Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party. All that stopped after he tweeted about 30 times challenging Eric Holder to investigate black on white crime.

Did someone say something to him after he took on Holder? Was race the “third rail” that caused James to leave the popular social media platform? I don’t know. I hope not. This administration surely does have double standards when it comes to race issues, and if a celebrity wants to call them out on it, good for them. Hopefully James wasn’t silenced for his political views. Cuz then we’d have to burn sh-t down. 😉

P.S. James followed me on Twitter last year. As a celebrity, he was very accessible. I remember all of our interactions fondly, and the times he helped me on political campaigns such as Benghazi and veterans affairs. He even gave my liberal guitarist a shout out for playing with me at a charity for troop’s kids. Now that’s cool. Hopefully he decides to come back at some point.

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