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Did You Ever Expect Our Nation To Be This Divided?

Story originally by Nicolas Morales:

In the wake of the recent Dallas police ambush, President Obama stood before television cameras in Warsaw, Poland and told the American people that the United States is “not as divided as some have suggested.”

But is this picture for our nation that the President has painted indeed accurate, or is it merely throwing a blanket over growing tensions and social instability that is slowly driving this country apart? Could we say we are unified when the themes of whiteness vs. blackness, man vs. woman, straight vs. gay, and the like are so deeply exploited?

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Ironically, the very man who is telling us we are united is the one amplifying this culture of the Division of us vs. them. Let us not forget the January 2015 speech in which Obama took radical Islamic terrorism and compared it to the Crusades. Essentially, the leader of the free world took the history, the culture, and the ideologies of these two major religions, placed them in a boxing ring, and blew the whistle. Nearly two years later, this very man is telling us we are united.

In the aftermath of the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and those five police officers, it is more important than ever to note that we cannot overcome our differences by pushing anti-white, anti-police, race-baiting chaos to advance the black community. We cannot tell a certain group of people how they should feel and place them in an unshakable ‘box’ as either victim or a perpetrator.

We cannot move forward in unity if we consistently hang a carrot on a stick over whites and remind them that they are natural born racists, and their ancestors were slave-owning monsters, or that blacks will be inherently be born inferior and oppressed.

What about when an individual like Jesse Williams stands on stage at the B.E.T. Awards on national television and attacks whites or performers at a Super Bowl halftime show parade around in Black Panther attire?


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