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Director of Natl Intel Just Handed CNN, Buzzfeed A Blistering SMACKDOWN!!

Every since this afternoon, CNN has been trying to break free of their “Breaking News” they had led with last night before Buzzfeed dropped the story on their website.

Late Wednesday night, after President-elect Donald Trump embarrassed CNN’s Jim Acosta and laid out the entire news organization on a global scale, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a statement blasting the news agencies who reported they obtained a bogus intelligence dossier on Trump from anonymous U.S.-based intelligence sources.

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Clapper talked to Trump earlier today and was not happy about the leaks appearing in the press, and both agree things like this would damage our national security.


So I am not accused of fake news, here is the original link to the press release –

This letter comes after Anderson Cooper had a fit with Kellyanne Conway on his show where he tried to save CNN face but he got smoked.

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How will CNN get out of this one? The walls are crashing down, and they have nowhere to run.

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