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Discount him if you want: Trump extends GOP lead before final debate of 2015

Let’s be honest here, nationally GOP front-runner Donald Trump is pulling away, and there’s little that anyone can do about it. Will it affect the primaries, sure it will?

Trump has a new milestone in national polling, garnering 41% of the Republican vote in a new national poll.

Trump is at 41% in a Monmouth University poll out Monday, holding a wide advantage over his GOP challengers. His support was up from 28% in October.

In second was the rising Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 14%; followed by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, at 10%. Ben Carson was at 9%, down 9 points from October, and all other candidates were in the low single digits.

A couple of weeks after he said we should go after ISIS’s oil, we went after ISIS’s oil.

A couple of weeks after he said we should halt Muslim Immigration until we figure out what’s going on, we discover that the administration does not know what’s going on. Would anyone have imagined that Homeland Security in their “rigorous” vetting process would not look at social media for fear of invading someone’s privacy?

The message a Trump vote sends “the political establishment in America stinks”.  I can certainly understand why huge numbers of people want to make that statement. I wonder if independents will want to make that statement too.

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h/t – CNN

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