DISGUSTING! 2 Gay Marriage Advocates Spit On Fr. Jonathan Morris, Now Being Called A “Liar”

In the wake of the Supreme Court supporting nationwide legalization of same sex marriage, Fox News contributor and catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris said he got spit on by a couple of advocates.

As if that wasn’t horrible enough, same sex marriage advocates then criticized him for being a bigot, and a liar for his claim of being spat upon.



So much for “tolerance” from some of the same people who advocate for tolerance. Apparently if you simply disagree with an issue, you’re labeled a bigot, homophobe, or racist.

I haven’t met Fr. Jonathan Morris, but I do know from watching him on Fox News that he is a loving, trustworthy, and sincere catholic priest who would not make up such an accusation. What happened to him was horrendous and should never happen to anyone.

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