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Disgusting! #BlackLivesMatter Rep “It’s Open Season on killing whites, police officers”

This video was highlighted on Ron Dwyer’s Facebook page and before it was taken down by Facebook, I want to show you what you are dealing with in its rawest form.

This isn’t about building up the community; it’s about tearing other down. This movement has morphed into something I don’t even think the congressional leaders can fix, and I am not even sure they want to.

President Barack Obama has two hate groups that have risen during his presidency, ISIS and #BlackLivesMatter. Both are wreaking havoc abroad or at home and until someone with a strategic plan for settling this now and sorting it out later, it’s only going to manifest itself even larger.

Hopefully whoever sees this will find this young man and put him away for terrorist threats against the homeland. Share this only to educate, not for leisure.



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