DISGUSTING! Here’s Some Of The Most Vile Ben Carson Attacks From Liberals

With Ben Carson being the new front runner in the GOP presidential race, it is no surprise that the left is throwing the most vile, disgusting attacks against him.

For example, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar claims Carson would be terrible for African Americans, even though Obama has already been destroying the standard of living for them for the past 7 years.

More twitter users called Carson an “Uncle Tom.”


Brian Beutler called him a “token” and a “safe negro.”

Piers Morgan, who could never become a brain surgeon even if he tried, is implying that Carson is dumb.

I have a question for Piers: How did he ever get his own TV show on CNN?

More name calling from other random twitter users.


This is absolutely disgusting, but its important to point out how the mainstream media treats conservative candidates. The same leftists who want to lecture us about “tolerance” and “racism” are the most intolerant racists toward Ben Carson, just because they don’t agree with his politics. Absolutely disgraceful.

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