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DISGUSTING! Indiana Man Burns American Flag On Police Officer’s Driveway TWICE

Indiana Corporal Scottie Maples of the Clark County Sheriffs Department and his family were having a normal 4th of July celebration, until something disturbing took place with an American flag.


A man, whose name is yet to be shared, came up to his driveway with a burning American flag. Even though Maples and his brother removed him from the property, the same man reportedly came back early Sunday morning, leaving behind another burnt flag, a note, and smeared feces on the car of Maples wife.

Corey Rickmers of WHAS 11 also reported that the man has been identified and that the Jeffersonville Police Department will submit a warrant for his arrest on Monday.

This was a disgusting display that should never happen to any patriot celebrating the Independence of our great country. While most people appreciate and celebrate Independence Day, unfortunately, there are always a select few who show their hate and contempt for it.

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