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Disturbed Man Intentionally PLOWS into 3 Phoenix Cops – Caught On Camera!

This should be headline news on all the main news networks, but they’re too preoccupied with the people who are protesting the national anthem because of the injustice from police officers!

Three Phoenix officers were outside a convenience mart when a man intentionally used his car as a weapon, plowing into them with the idea of killing them. It was all caught on camera and the driver was apprehended. Thank God there were no fatalities.

And we wonder why law enforcement officials are quick to grab their guns? It’s because of insane idiots like this. I would like to see all the cop haters and idiots that won’t stand for the National Anthem do the job better. If Kaepernick wants to take a stand for change, maybe he should leave the NFL and join the police force and see what it’s like to be out there without bodyguards.

There are no words, no legitimate reason someone should be capable of enacting such a coward act like this, and if so the should be on lockdown in a mental institution, I’ve always said tolerance and respect are the keys to change the world.

The story is still developing but here is the video report:

Police officers or not these are human beings who’s lives could’ve been taken; it’s sad how people say horrible things about this yet if it were their family members or loved ones I bet they wouldn’t dare say the same things that they post. That’s what’s wrong with the world today no human kindness, no love, no empathy. A sad world we live in! Prayers for a speedy recovery for them.

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