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DNC Chairwoman believes there should be no limits on abortion, period

Last week, the head of the Democratic Party Debbie Wasserman Schultz made it clear: There should be no limits on abortion at all. That’s an extremely radical viewpoint that recent polling shows most Americans disagree with. (A November 2014 Quinnipiac poll found that 60% of Americans — including 56 % of Independents and 46% of Democrats — support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which does put limits on abortion.)

Wasserman Schultz was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday and asked to clarify her position. Here is part of the exchange:

BLITZER: “But is he right when he says that it’s OK, from your perspective, to kill a 7-pound baby in uterus? Is that your position?”

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: “We have very different definitions of personal liberty. I made that clear in my response the Democratic Party’s position is we are pro-choice. We believe a decision on a woman’s reproductive choices is best left between a woman and her doctor and I am still waiting for Rand Paul to say whether or not he supporting exceptions when a woman is raped, going to force a woman to carry a baby to term and not allow her to make that choice? When she’s the victim of rape, the victim of incest? Are we going to let a woman die? Would Rand Paul let a woman die because she’s carrying a baby or is he going to let her make that choice with her doctor?”

It’s laughable that she goes from her anti-science position of ‘we let women decide when babies are babies’ to ‘Since Rand Paul disagrees with my anti-science position, let’s ask a ridiculous question about whether he would want to watch a woman die because she is carrying a baby.’ But that’s the lunacy of the left for you.

But Mrs. Wasserman Schultz wasn’t finished. The DNC chairwoman also joined Megyn Kelly to discuss the issue and basically restated the same talking points.

Below is part of the transcript and you can watch the entire discussion here via Fox News.

KELLY: You and Rand Paul have had this dust up about abortion. I understand it’s strange that Paul Paul is fighting with you a little bit, but it does bring up a serious issue as between the two parties in particular. And he keeps saying to the reporters who want him to say whether he supports rape and incest exceptions to abortion, he hasn’t been explicit on that to your point, he hasn’t. He keeps saying, ask Debbie Wasserman-Schultz when life begins. When does she believe life begins, can you answer that question?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: The question that he was asked, and that he’s trying to deflect from by pushing it on me is, does he support exceptions to his opposition to a woman’s right to make her own choices.

KELLY: I know. I concede that point. He’s not been explicit on it. But I am wondering about you, because I have you tonight.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: From my perspective, from my party’s perspective, we do not support rolling back the protection that the constitutional right to make your own reproductive choices established in Roe versus Wade has given to women. And Republicans like Rand Paul did.

KELLY: This is such a dicey issue, and the American public is very divided on this, as you know, it’s not like 90% of the public supports abortion, they do not.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: The majority support a woman’s right to choose.

KELLY: 80% of the public is against abortion in the third trimester. And almost 65% are against an abortion in the second trimester. So people are divided on this and that goes to his point that —


KELLY: The state does have rights to set limits. So he’s trying to get to the Democrats position on at what point is it appropriate to say, it’s no longer just between a woman and her doctor.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: What is appropriate from our perspective? I’ll speak for myself, but I think I can speak for most in my party. A woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body should be between her and her doctor. And that in terms of personal liberty, we definitely have a different opinion, Rand Paul and I do. And there is a Supreme Court decision that answers those questions for us and subsequent Supreme Court decisions that —

KELLY: That Supreme Court decision, Casey says the state has a say, and the state can set limits.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: That’s right, and the states can make the decisions.

KELLY: But what is recognized is that it’s not just between a woman and her doctor, that the state has a right to step in on behalf of the fetus and say at some point that fetus does obtain rights. You would admit that you can’t have women aborting third trimester babies just on a whim? Right? So you would agree that there are some limits.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Certainly not on a whim, but when a doctor —

KELLY: That’s what he’s trying to get at.

The DNC is clearly out of touch.

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