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DNC Vice Chairman says Wasserman-Schultz disinvited her to 1st Democratic Debate

Remember when words meant what they mean? Yeah, me neither.

Still, it’d be nice to live in such a country.

Leading today’s political news is a story that would define the word “banal” (if it meant banal) if not for its role in further unmasking the thoroughly undemocratic Democratic Party in our undemocratic system.


The vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee says the chairman of the DNC disinvited her from tomorrow night’s first debate between major Democratic Party presidential contenders Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley.

At issue is an email Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard received from the chief of staff to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC boss. Gabbard accuses Schultz of yanking her invite to the Nevada debate in retaliation for her remarks on MSNBC, the Democratic Party’s television organ, in which Gabbard said she would have preferred for there to be more primary debates than have been scheduled.

A DNC insider now says Gabbard wasn’t disinvited. From The New York Times:

A person close to the committee who asked for anonymity to discuss internal discussions insisted, however, that Ms. Gabbard had not been disinvited. Instead, the person said, an aide to Ms. Wasserman Schultz expressed a desire to keep the focus on the candidates as the debate approached, rather than on a ‘distraction’ that could divide the party, and suggested that if Ms. Gabbard could not do that, she should reconsider going.”

Gabbard’s concern about there not being enough debates to ensure a legitimate-looking process within the Democratic primary process is a legitimate one, especially after 2012, when Obama was coronated as the nominee without a primary opponent. As much as the DNC and Wasserman Schultz want the “inevitable” Hillary installed with only nominal opposition, they are going to have to face the uncomfortable reality that a lot of Democrats prefer someone else.

I say to Rep Gabbard, join our party…we’ll welcome you with open arms….believe that!

h/t – Spectator, NY Times


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