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Do Feds Hate Women? Shocking New Guidelines Say They Do

Paul Gordon Collier- The Department of Labor is making bathrooms fun for everyone, except women.  If you are a woman and you want to use to use a public bathroom, you might get a fun surprise, a man may be waiting for you inside.

To the delight of millions of women everywhere who have been dying to have men in the public bathroom with them, the Department of Labor is sending out guidelines to businesses that encourage them to let men use their women’s bathrooms, so long as the men tell them they are a woman.

The same holds true for women who want to use the men’s bathroom, so the Department of Labor is equal opportunity on its cray cray.

The guidelines come in response to a militant transgender group called “The National Center for Transgender Equality.”  This group works closely with the goose-stepping priests of the homo-fascist movement, GLADD.

According to the DOL, the move is meant to make it safer and healthier for transgenders.  Clearly, the DOL hates women.  They are willing to put them at risk because they LOVES them some cross-dressin’ man/gals.

Now, you might be thinking that maybe the businesses can compromise and make a transgender bathroom.  Not the case.  The DOL guidelines state that such a move still makes it unsafe for transgenders because, apparently, if they did that transgenders might have to pee…..alone.

Under these best practices, employees are not asked to provide any medical or legal documentation of their gender identity in order to have access to gender-appropriate facilities,” the DOL guidelines stipulate.

The cray cray continues from the DOL.

Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety.  Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness.

You think that might be exactly what happens to women who wish to avoid coming face to face with a bearded miss just looking to catch a glimpse of a woman with her pants down?

They call them guidelines, but the DOL adds that apparently transgenders are covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, so putting women at risk for rape, molestation, and other acts of voyeuristic perversion is okay.  I strongly suspect far more predatorial men will take advantage of this ‘health and safety’ mandate by the DOL than will transgenders.

This just proves my point that the Federal government hates women.  Sucks to be a female!

Paul Gordon Collier is the co-founder and current editor of and the local newspaper, Tioga Freedomist.

Be sure you share this Federally mandated assault on women with you friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Help us fight the against the war on women by the crays crays of the progressive left.


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