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Do you agree this is the moment Marco Rubio lost many supporters?

Lest Republican voters might get confused by the obvious attempt by Marco Rubio and the GOP Establishment to rewrite what happened in the 2013 “Gang of Eight” Amnesty push, watch Marco Rubio again in 2013 laughing it up with the Democrats about their push for citizenship for illegals in the United States.

Marco Rubio helped lead the way for amnesty while Ted Cruz did everything he could to kill that bill. Everyone remembers Rubio went into this group as a “borders first” Senator. He had the admiration of many around him and the hopes of a lot of Americans. He came out sullied with the stink of the establishment.

It would have been better if Rubio had just removed himself from the group immediately and called them out for not wanting to address the real border situation, but he didn’t choose that path. You want to know why he isn’t going to crack the top two anytime soon; it’s this moment in time.

That’s the reality. No amount of spin from Rubio or the talking heads at Fox News can alter the truth.

Youtube archived video is a beast, but it happens that way sometimes. As important as protecting America’s borders are, do you agree this is when his relationship with us was splintered? Share your comments below.


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