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Donald Trump campaign manager: There’s nobody who can get him out of the race”

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski say they are preparing for the long haul with television ads, appearances by Trump’s wife and daughter and a new Trump tone that will serve as a campaign manifesto of sorts.

“We’re going to the convention — that’s it,” Lewandowski said during a wide-ranging interview he and Trump granted to The Washington Post. “One delegate or 2,000 and change, we’re going to the convention, and there’s nobody who can get him out of the race.”

Trump, who is largely self-funding his campaign, is plotting out his first TV ads of the 2016 campaign and is planning to deploy wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, to make public appearances to highlight women’s health issues. His new book will be called “Crippled America.”

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The Post reports that the next phase of the billionaire’s campaign also will include a new focus on appealing to blue-collar workers and fleshing out his argument that China’s trade and currency policies have “emasculated” the United States.

“If you don’t win, what have I done? I’ve wasted time,” Trump told the Post. “I want to make America great again and you can’t do that if you come in a close second.”

How do you feel about this statement by Trump’s campaign manager? Do you think he will be there in the end?

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